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ReUse for your Business

Provide a cost-effective and solutions to customers looking for sustainable options.

Reuse simplified

WeUse Reusable Coffee Cup.png
Swap out your current single-use for WeUse's stock or custom reusable replacements - zero tech integration required.
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WeUse - Avail. Here and Bin.png
WeUse app - Screenshot.jpg
Let customers know you
are part of the WeUse Network and place a
return bin in your location.
End-users sign-up, scan the item, and receive  friendly return reminders,  earning rewards for each.
We take of the rest. Our team picks up the used containers, cleans, sanitizes and inspects, then delivers a fresh batch back to your store
-- to be reused over and over again.


Why move from single-use
to reusables?

Simple to switch with WeUse's Reuse-as-a-Service model
Lower recurring expenses

Add to environmental sustainability efforts

Increase customer visits and loyalty

Be a part of the new shared circular economy, with virtually the same or better functionality and use as single-use.

How it Works for Businesses

WeUse reusables are designed to simply swap out with your current single-use products. No tech integration is required. We take care of the complete servicing of the reusables, allowing you to get out of the single-use packaging ownership, management, and trash business, and focus more on the core products and services that draw your customers to you. 

WeUse utilizes an innovative shared financial model, where each stakeholder contributes a small portion. Participating businesses contribute a small fee, based on the number of WeUse products that customers select. Our goal is to get this fee equal to or below what you are currently paying for your comparable single-use products.  


For current business fees, please see here.

Sign-up your business. (Here if you are ready). We arrange the delivery of your first two weeks of reusables, along with a return bin and signage.

We provide a short training video for your employees about how the service works, and exactly what they need to do. We add your business to our list of participating retailers and also market your location through our marketing and PR channels.

At check-out, your customer requests a WeUse reusable instead of single-use. (Customers can download the WeUse app and sign-up on the spot.)

Your cashier grabs a WeUse reusable product. Customer selects "Borrow" from the WeUse app and scans QR code on the reusable item.

You fulfill the customer's order (the cashier can even use a special marker to write customer name/order details on the WeUse item) 

Customer collects order and enjoys! If the customer remains in-store, they can immediately return WeUse item to the bin. If they take the order with them, customers will receive a friendly notification to return their borrowed item within 5 days. They can return to the bin in your retail location or any of the other participating locations.

We visit your location each week, collect the used items, and drop off cleaned/sanitized products. 

Built into the WeUse model is a monthly allowance for lost/damaged WeUse products.

Along with reducing and potentially eliminating your business'  re-occurring spend on certain single-use items, the WeUse reuse model reduces your trash output, carbon footprint, and primary resource usage by up to 80%, when compared to similar single-use products.

We provide you with a quarterly environmental impact report, to share with you customers and community.











How it works for businesses

“The WeUse model provides a way for businesses to exist the single-use purchasing and disposal business and spend more time, energy and resources on their core product and service.”


- Mitch Barlas, Founder & CEO

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