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Reusable products and packaging Service

for institutions and commercial applications


We work with organizations and brands to identify products and packaging for conversion from single-use to reusable, utilizing our reuse cost and impact calculators.

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Using our innovative reusable product tracking and management system, we can

turn virtually any single-use product into

a reusable solution.

We develop a complete circular system including the reusable design, manufacturing, integration,  return logistics/tracking cleaning/sanitation and

end-of-life, based on our pioneering Reuse-as-a-Service model.

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Environmental impact data reporting,

and full life-cycle analysis are also included. We can also build in a reward incentive program.

The WeUse RaaS model includes ALL components necessary for closed loop circular product and packaging system, including an innovative system that ensures high return rates, and a customer rewards program.


Our proprietary Reusable-as-a-Service model is proven to reduce costs by 18-40% compared to single-use, and lower environmental footprints by 50-80%

Finally, we develop a cost model that includes all components or a hybrid. 


Included are an implementation plan, a pilot (if helpful) and scaling.

Current WeUSE COMMERCIAL projects:
  1.  Reusable durable food ware for airport food vendors.

  2.  A clear bag replacement for single-use poly bags for the fashion industry.

  3.  Reusable fruit and veggie packaging. 

  4.  Institutional food ware (cups, plates, utensils and napkins).

Contact us for more details on reuse for your organization,
and for a project quote or (831) 536-4160

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