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Who We Are

Located in Santa Cruz, CA and surrounded by nature at its best, WeUse was born from a determination to help reverse the effects of climate change, and support others who want alternatives to single-use. The team looked at human history and was reminded of the fact that  humans have been doing the reusable thing since the dawn of civilization, it has served us and our planet well, so let’s keep it going!


We created the first working RaaS model back in 2016  for shipping packaging and have since applied the full-service model to a variety of other single-use to reusable packaging and products.

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Our Mission and Vision

Mission: To be the most convenient alternative to single-use.

Our vision is an economy-of-scale reusable product and packaging shared lending service, where the more people and organizations that "WeUse" the lower the cost is for everyone.  Consumers want to the businesses and brands that they shop with to be more environmentally sustainable, and businesses want options to meet their customers needs. The WeUse platform offers a variety of retailers, businesses and organizations an ultra-convenient, easy-to-use  option for a variety of reusable products and packaging all under one roof.  Whether it's reusable to-go foodware, reusable shipping packaging or reusable food packaging  the WeUse model  lowers packaging costs, delights customers and offers an immediate reduction in trash, carbon emissions and primary resource usage. WeUse creates a sense of purpose and community by diverse groupings of people all participating in a immediate solutions for an urgent problem:  sustaining our planet.

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