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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I cancel my service?
    You are free to cancel your monthly subscription at any time. Send us an email AT and will make sure that you are not charged the next month. Meanwhile keep WeUsing until your current month subscription expires.
  • What happens if I do not return my WeUse item within the 5-day borrow period?
    If you need to take a few extra days, no problem. You will receive an additional reminder that your item is past due to return. Simply return it within the next few days at any participating WeUse location. If you need more time to return your borrowed item, send us an email at and we can grant you additional days.
  • I lost my WeUse item (and/or simply can't return it) What happens?
    We know things happen and items get misplaced and lost. For the first lost/non-returned item, we cover you and there is no penalty. After the first one, there is an item replacement charge. This charge ranges from $6 -$15 each depending on the reusable product. This helps to cover the replacement costs, and keep the WeUse circular economy going.
  • How does the back-end of WeUse work? (like the cleaning/sanitization?)
    Each week, a WeUse team member visits every WeUse retailer dropping off freshly cleaned, sanitized and inspected items (in a sealed reusable box to preserve sanitization), and collects the used items from the bin. The used items are then brought to our facility and run through a commercial dishwasher and sanitizer. The items are then inspected and placed into a sealed reusable bin awaiting recirculation.
  • What are WeUse reusable products made from?
    All of our reusable products are made from one of three materials: 100% bamboo fiber 100% PEVA (a food-grade, BPA and Phthalate-free form of vinyl) 100% rHDPE (recycled food-grade plastics) All of our products are third-party tested to ensure that they are food safe and free of toxins.
  • What happens to the WeUse items at the end of their use life?
    At the end of each reusable product's life-span, we either recycle or upcycle 100% of the materials, through one of our domestic or overseas manufacturing and recycling partners.
  • How can we get more retailers on board with offering WeUse?
    Simply send us an email with any/all recommendations for where you would like to see the WeUse service offered, and we will reach out to the retailer and try to get them on board. (Also feel free to let your favorite retailer know about the WeUse service and encourage them to offer it!)
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