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How it Works

WeUse is easy to use and oh so convenient!

Download the WeUse app and sign up
  • Choose a subscription level.

  • Receive a monthly allotment of reuse credits. (Run out of credits? Top-offs are available whenever needed!) 

  • Use the credits for multiple types of reusable products at any participating vendor. 

Visit a participating WeUse retailer

  • Place your order, and let the cashier know you are a WeUse member. 

  • Open the app,  select "Borrow" and scan the QR code.

Enjoy your order!
  • If you're staying in the store, return your WeUse containers to the return bin (Open the app, select "Return", scan the QR code on the bin and on your container and drop inside.

  • If you take the WeUse container to-go, you will receive a friendly reminder to return your item within 5 days. 

You can return your WeUse container at any of the participating retailer locations.
  • Find the WeUse drop bin, open the app and select "Return" scan the QR code on the bin and on your container, then drop inside. 

  • If you lose your returnable item, don't worry we have you covered for the first one. After that, it's a $7 replacement charge.

In the WeUse app  see your current borrowed inventory and when each item is due. Also, see your IMPACT in reducing trash and carbon emissions. Coming soon, earn rewards at your favorite retailers for reusing!
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