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Pricing for Businesses

We offer programs for single-location retailers, regional multi-location businesses, and national chains. 

Pricing for Businesses

The WeUse service can provide significant new ways to help your business thrive and expand.  Our pioneering Reusable-as-a-Service model can:

  • Reduce business expenses

  • Significantly lower your environmental footprint  

  • Increase customer visits and loyalty

WeUse utilizes an innovative cost-sharing model. Our company contributes a portion,  end-users pay a monthly subscription, and businesses contribute a monthly fee based on quantity levels used.  

Pricing Includes:

  • Weekly cleaned/sanitized reusable item delivery

  • Membership into the WeUse network with access to user base

  • Return bin (up to 2 per retail location)

  • Service instructions and signage 

  • Training video (and PDF manual)

  • Marketing and PR opportunities highlighting your brand/business to the entire WeUse community. 

  • Quarterly usage and environmental impact reports for each of your participating locations. 

Sample wholesale pricing:

Sample pricing based on monthly reusable coffee cup service.

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Coming Soon:

Reusable Pizza Boxes
Reusable To-Go Food Containers
Reusable Shipping Envelopes
To receive a custom quote or for pricing questions
please contact us at:
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