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Reusable Lending Service 
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We make switching from single-use products and packaging to reusable, 
easy, impactful & rewarding.

Our tech-enabled reuse service provides the convenience of single-use with zero trash, 

70% less carbon emssions, lower costs, and rewards us all each time we use!

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Introducing the first reuse lending service platform for
multiple products:

Reusable To-Go Food Containers
Reusable To-Go Beverage Cups
Reusable Pizza Boxes
Reusable Shipping Envelopes
Reusable Fresh Food Packaging
WeUse Branded Reusable Clamshell Concpet v.3.png
Piloting Summer 2022
Full service

WeUse provides everything needed to set-up and circulate reusable products. From custom designs, to cleaning/sanitizing, to the return logistics, we have you covered. 


With 7+ years circulating reusable products, WeUse created one of the first RaaS models, and have learned a thing or two about helping businesses make the switch.

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Ensuring high return rates

Our lending model uses behavior science to help motivate us to kick the single-use habit -- which lowers costs, reduces environmental impact, and builds more of what the world is craving, community and purpose.

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Download the app

One app, one low monthly subscription fee, provides access to unlimited uses of reusable cups, to-go containers shipping packaging for eCommerce, reusable pizza boxes and more…

Quick, easy and ultra-convenient to return. 

Earn rewards from your favorite retailers

Have an immediate impact on our planet!

Available soon

Why WeUse lending service?

The WeUse service:

Gives you an immediate and impactful way to reduce your environmental footprint—no more single-use!

Ultra-convenient to borrow and return can be part of your already-in-place everyday routine!

Economical monthly subscription costs that can be used for a variety of reusable products and services. 

Follow your sustainability impact in real-time.

Earn points toward free items from participating retailers. (Reward system coming soon.)